1-2 Hours Support to Fine Tune our dental practice monday.com set up


We have set up in monday.com to track patients and their journey through treatment.

There are a few issues we’d like help fine-tuning, such as:

  • Filtering by dates if possible, eg November 2020
  • Only some fields showing, conditional on inputs of other fields
  • Moving certain fields into other boards depending on status selected.
  • If possible, add 5 months to a date, or would this always be manual.
  • Showing automated reporting options and setting these up.

Thank you


Hello @Jai
Welcome to the community, my name is Alex Robinson and I work for JT’s Cloud who are the APAC Partner of the year.

Would love to help you with your queries you have outlined and help you complete your setup.

Please feel free to book a meeting via the below link so we can meet and discuss how we can help you:
Book Meeting Here

Kind regards,
Alex Robinson
JT’s Cloud

Thanks Alex,

The times available are in the middle of the night in the UK, are there other options?

Can you kindly advise on fees.

Warm regards,


Hi @Jai - We’re a Product-certified Partner based in the USA, so the timezones may match up well for you. Now, this week we are closed Thursday and Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so this may not be quick enough for your needs. However, we have several morning times open next week starting on Thursday. Our mornings in the Eastern time zone will match up nicely with late afternoon for you in the UK.

Would love to learn more about your dental practice and how you are using the platform!

Book a free more with monday.com strategy session here: https://meet.polishedgeek.com/more-with-monday