11 apps and counting

We are proud to announce our 11th app - Match Index Colum. The app will be in the marketplace soon. To support you in the most effective way we introduced three brand new forums at our website.

Announcements will be used to announce new apps and features, it is a read-only forum and all registered users are automatically subscribed.

Ideas is where you can start a topic (or reply to existing topics) for new monday.com integration apps. We will monitor this closely and try to answer in 2 business days.

Support is the used for support question about our existing apps. Through tags you can specify for which app you are seeking support. This forum is monitored very closely and we will reply within one business day.

In our app-store you can view detailed documents for each app and click the direct link to the forum, filtered on that specific app. With that you will have a view of all announcements and support tickets.

Hope you enjoy our forums and our monday.com integration apps.


Well done Bas! You have a knack for filling in those monday blind spots! We are looking forward to playing around with MIC for some of our clients.