1View - Make your Dream View in monday to manage, update and track everything at one single place.

The 1View link mentioned in the article is not working anymore.
You can use this new 1View website page to access previous content.

@thusitha hi! there are updates or still in 1.0 version?

I’m interested in the subitems as well. We mostly use this for managing to do items and without it this app isn’t very useful.

Hi @thusitha this is incredible! Thank you so much!
I’m having issues with collections, where i have multiple filters, I’d like to be able to sort by due date within that collection. I’ve done this on the filters themselves but the collection doesnt seem to have this feature. Is this something you’re planning on?
Thanks again - its been a huge help for cross-board overviews!

Hi, is there a new version supporting subitems?