2.7 Million Tasks Completed by 1,000+ Accounts Using CarbonTO-DO!

📣 Celebrating Milestones with the CarbonTO-DO Suite 📣

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We’re thrilled to share that the CarbonTO-DO Suite has soared past 1,000 installs on the app marketplace! Collectively, CarbonTO-DO users have completed more than 2.7 million tasks since launching on December 6th! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

:red_circle: That’s an average of 2,683 tasks completed per account.
:yellow_circle: Approximately 14,673 tasks completed daily.
:green_circle: And an impressive 37 trees saved by replacing sticky notes! :deciduous_tree::scissors:

Experience the power of automation with CarbonTO-DO today. Best part? It’s completely free!

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