2-way calendar integration and meeting notes management plugin [user interviews wanted]

We’re a third-party meeting notes app that offers 2-way calendar sync, meeting templates and automations (like requesting agenda items before a meeting a cancelling a meeting if no items are submitted).

We’re starting to design an integration with Monday, and we’re interested in learning more about how best to provide meeting notes support to Monday users.

If this sounds like something that might be of user to you, go ahead and book a call with us. Your feedback will have a direct impact on what we build.




This sound very interesting.
Just to make sure I understand it correctly: it will also update cancellations from Monday and send new invite created in the email back to Monday board?
If not, can you please elaborate on the functionalities?

Hi Adi,

I’m a little unsure of what your referring to. But the idea would be for there to be two-way syncing between action/agenda items in our tool and items/tasks created in Monday, so I think the answer to your question is “yes”.

Would yoube open to talking more about what exactly youre looking for?

Hey, sound exactly what we need!
I would be happy to discuss.
I wanted to book time for a call but as I’m in european time, it only gives me night hours. and those hours work less :slight_smile:

Yes, I would love this to be integrated with Monday. We currently use a Calendly free account for this.

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Great! Looking forward to chatting tomorrow

This really sounds interesting and might be something we are looking for.

An important question for me is what the additional costs will be in the future. And are they one-time or recurring costs? Do you have any idea about this?

I would be up for a call and discuss the needs and possibilities if this is still an option.

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Hi @Eltjo, we haven’t determined what the pricing will be just yet (most likely it would be some fraction of what you are currently paying for Monday), but that is something that we could discuss on the call. Go ahead and find a time on my calendar:

Looking forward to chatting.

Hi @mellamojordan84, ok good to know.

I have scheduled a meeting. Talk to you soon!


Sounds good! Looking forward to chatting.