$39/Month to be a developer for apps?

I created a Monday app. Now that my trial is over, I’m being asked to pay $39/month to continue using Monday. Is there such a thing as a developer/test Monday account?

The Apple Developer Program, for example, cost only $8.25/month.

Perhaps an announcement is waiting for apps launch this week?

Hey @Mattt – have you signed up for the apps beta?

We’re releasing our developer framework really soon :slight_smile: You’ll be able to learn more about our dev tools here, and we will update the page when more information is available.

As for a developer account, we don’t have an official developer program but you can always sign up for a trial account at monday.com to test our platform.

Hi Dipro - I did submit the apps beta form twice but have not heard back yet.

I don’t want to give away too much, but keep an eye on your inbox in the next couple of days… :male_detective:

Hi Dipro, monday.labs does not appear for me under “Explore”. I’m on a Trial account. Do I need a paid account?


Hey @Mattt, yes monday.labs is only available by default on paid accounts. That said, we can enable it on your account!

Please reach out to support@monday.com with the email address that’s associated with your monday.com account and we’ll sort it out :slight_smile:

Hi @dipro,

Have you got any updates about free accounts for third-party app developers?

I’m also exploring the platform and starting to develop some ideas, but the 15-day trial is just too short. I’d like to avoid ending up creating a new trial account every 15 days and having to configure everything over and over again.

I think this is a very standard procedure on other platforms that have developers and companies working on extensions, such as Atlassian and Microsoft.

Thank you.

Hi community, August 23th and the question remains . Why I have to pay to build and test all my effort on developing a new widget, functionality, integration. My effort not only raise my skills as a developer, but also contribute to the community and also the whole business.
Coda.io , Salesforce , and others , they have a free developer environment , restricted in the number of records or integrations they are able to have/do.
I understand there is a contest right now, ending this month , and this is good but not enough .Having a restricted version for developers have been proven to be a successful path for having a resilient platform. Regards!