403 Errors from Mutations

I’ve been using the API to send Mutations to Monday - these have been working well, but now these mutations are no longer running. I’ve not done anything with our API key, and that key still exists within our admin panel. There were a few small additions to items, but overall the items are the same. I checked my query, and even removed custom column modification on creation to just add items into the board to ensure use. No matter how I modify, this message keeps coming back:

I’ve queried the board to ensure my ID’s are still relevant, and they are coming back correct…
(sample query with successful data get of the board I’m trying to add to:)

I have a message out to support to try and dig deeper as I’m thinking this could be API key related - but while I waited, I figured I’d post here to see if anyone has any insights.

If your API key hasn’t changed, I’d recommend opening the board in the UI and attempting to create an item.

Your API key will inherit any permissions from your monday.com user, so if you cannot add an item via the API I suspect someone has added restrictions to that board…

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Great - thank you. I added my boss as an owner (who manages the API Keys), and the API is again working.


Woo hoo! Great to hear.