422 error Integromat when assigning to team

I am using Integromat to update one of my boards. My scenario in integromat changes several things in the pulse including assigning to a different team member. It doesn’t have an issue if I select an individual team member, but if I attempt to select a team it gives me the error below. It still completes the change, but it kills my scenario in Integromat with this error.

This is where it gets strange. If I go into my Integro scenario and go to the “person” update, in the details the “id” is on top and the “kind” is on bottom. After I go in and select the team again the id moves to the bottom and kind goes to top. When I run the scenario again it runs fine once, then the next time it errors again and kind and id have swapped again.

[422] Validation failed: team cant subscribe to a pulse without being exposed to it [ Error Code: RecordInvalidException / Error Details: {“error_data”:“Validation failed: team cant subscribe to a pulse without being exposed to it”} ]

hi @bartleby

Welcome to the community. The error you get is not very clear. The most likely cause is that your are trying to add a member or a team that is not subscribed to your board. Have a look at your board members (somewhere at the top right next to the last seen link) and check if the team you want to assign to a people column actually is subscribed to your board.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, they are subscribed. Like I said, I can re confirm the one step within integromat and it works a single time for the team subscribed, but additional times for that team it errors.

Hi @bartleby!

Sorry to see you’re running into some trouble with your Integromat scenario.

Do you mind providing us of some screenshots (feel free to blur out any numbers or sensitive information) of your board as well as of your Integromat setup? This way, I can better understand the “swapping” behavior you described.


I feel silly… Bas was actually exactly right. I didn’t realize the actual team had to be subscribed to the board. I assumed since all members of the team were subscribed to the board the team would also be subscribed. Once I added the team it worked fine. It is strange though that it would work once and then not again, but at least it’s working consistently now.



hi Justin, it is a little weird indeed. I guess it is how a developers mind works :slight_smile: A team does have a different id and type than a person and it is probably checked on that id. Glad to hear it is working though.

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