503 error while accessing API

I am trying to pull data from Monday API, by traversing below query for all the board_ids.
{ boards(ids: $(vboardsId)) { name columns { title id type } groups { title id } items { name group { id }}}}

I am facing 503 error at random board_ids every time, though its working fine when tested for perticular ids only.

Hello @AditeeR!

I am not sure I understand the issue.

Can you test this on your Playgorund inside the developers section and send a screenshot with the query and response? (hide any sensitive information first).


Hi Matias,
I have already tested the query its working fine.
but when I am triggering the query based on board_ids dynamically using loop ,if shows 503 after some time.Is there any rate limit or any setting that needs to be changed in such case?

Hi @AditeeR,

This sounds like it could be a timeout issue. Please see this guide: Rate Limits for more information on rate limits, and specifically our Timeout Policy.

I hope this helps!