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Hello All,

I’ve been searching and googling but I cannot find a way to do this so I thought I’d ask the community. I have many boards and I want to create a board that is a subset of some of the items on the board. It is to be a ‘priority task list’ board from multiple projects. Ideally any update in the ‘priority task list’ will update the underlying project board and vice versa. Ideally too the items duplicated are also grouped in the priority task list by the name of the board from whence they have come. Any guidance is welcome.


You can do this in part with base monday’s Connect Boards and Mirror columns and automations. The first issue is what trigger to use to create the item in the other board. The most flexible trigger is usually a status change. If you can use that, you can use an automation like:

For more information, this article is a good place to start: Multi-board mirroring

The only issue with what you are asking is putting items on your task list into groups by board. This is possible. But it will require the help of a custom app or Integromat scenario.

If you would like more help let me know.


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