A Limitation to the Amount of Items Generated in a Board

Hello, I am new to monday.com, and development within the CRM and I had some questions about API limitations. Right now I am using a python script that reads an excel spreadsheet, and inputs the entries in the spreadsheet as items in a board in monday.com. I have been generating thousands of items with this method, and I seemed to have encountered an issue and I am unsure how to go about fixing this. Once my board reached a total of 10,000 items, I could no longer generate new Items with the method I’ve used, and I wanted to see if monday.com had some sort of limitation I am unaware of. I know the website only allows for a certain complexity per minute per user, and I have been compliant with that to not overuse the designated amount of requests in a minute. I would love to follow up with anyone who might know something about this issue, and try and figure out a way to solve it, let me know if there are any more details you need, I’d love to talk about it!