A new type of favourites

Hi team,

WE are relatively new to Monday.com & have been on the Pro version for all of 2 weeks.
We are carpet layers who work for a number of different retail stores.
Each store we have set up with their own sharable board.
One of our employees has the job of going out to do site measures for all of the jobs that come through on the various boards. These jobs to measure are listed as a pulse in each board. When the job is measured & a quote drawn up the job is moved from the ‘measures’ pulse to a ‘live jobs’ pulse in each sharable board.
We would like to be able to see these pulse groups from each board in 1 alternate board so we can view the total number of jobs needing to be measured in one seperate place.
Is this possible within the current set up or something that can be considered as a new way to use favourites.
regards - Adam

Hi @adam.pro-spective. If I’m understanding what you’re asking I think your best strategy would be to create a dashboard. You can then make a table view with the selected groups from the relevant boards.

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