A new version of the board filter is available for you to try! (Standard plans + )

Hello monday.community!

I’m Ziv, a developer @ monday.com R&D department, and I would like to share with you a new and advanced feature that our team has been working on in the past few weeks - our new filter :slight_smile:

The new filter version allows you to drill down more accurately, and use different types of equations and variables.

  • Person is assigned / unassigned / is any of (person1, person2…) / is not
  • Status is / is not / is empty / is not empty
  • Text contains / does not contain / empty / not empty
  • Date is [Today / Tomorrow / In one month / Exact date / Between dates]
  • Timeline starts / ends [Today / Tomorrow / In one month / Exact date / Between dates]
  • Group is / is not / top group

And many more!

As it is currently a beta feature, please note the following:

  • Not all columns are supported (coming soon: time tracking, formula, mirror)
  • For now, if you activate the new filter, you will need to re-filter your saved views. But, not to worry! If you want your saved filters back, just deactivate the new filter from your monday.labs
  • Currently, you can only utilize the “and” condition. We are working on enabling an “or” condition as well.
  • Mobile support is coming up in the next few weeks!
  • Reminder: activating this feature in monday.labs will enable it only for your user, not the entire account.

We invite you to try out this feature by enabling it via monday.labs.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 17.40.58

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, we’d love to hear what you have to say! Please share with us your feedback via this link, or from the platform itself:
Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 17.48.10

Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from you!


Hello ill try it and then give you feedback!
Another core function requested many times in the community. Thanks in Advance.


I personally feel v2 is a step back in terms of usability. What i really liked about v1 (current) was how quickly I was able to set up filters with just one or two clicks and save it as a view. With the new v2 filters. It introduces many more clicks to set up each “rule”. I have deactivated v2 from my account for the time being.


Right now I also had to deactivate this because it’s missing a couple of core features.

I must have formulas working to even test this properly in the majority of my use cases.

The 2nd thing I spotted is that I cannot have a filter using ‘contains’ for statuses. Actually statuses work that you say ‘is one of’ or ‘is not one of’. This still means selecting the statuses one my one. What I want to be able to do is say contains review and it would then pick up for review app, for review staging, for review embed.

I can test this again when the formula part is working.

Please also look at allowing wild card text for the statuses using contains or does not contain.

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Hi Ziv!

Thanks for taking the time to develop this awesome new feature! I was excited to start using it right away, however I do agree with @Jaewoo regarding the extra clicks it takes to set up a filter. :sweat_smile:

I think the top right menu is getting a bit crowded and could be consolidated by combining “Pin Columns” with “Hidden Columns”.

Better yet, if we could Pin/Hide/Filter directly through each column’s drop down menu, then that would be much easier for someone that has many columns to work with.

I will continue to test out the board filters and provide feedback as needed. Thank you again for developing this! :pray:


Interesting idea although I wonder how we’d unhide a column if we can’t see it.

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Agreed. It adds power but at the expense of speed and simplicity. I tend to avoid these rule-based filters via drop down menus due to the effort required to set them up.

I prefer the v.1 filter. Less clicks.

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Both versions obviously have their own merits. IMO, the new filter is a huge step it the right direction. It’s going to be awesome when fully developed. Hopefully monday will allow users to select/toggle which type they want to use anytime they want to use a filter.


I very much like the advanced capabilities of the new filter (and would love to have the “or” condition), but agree with others that it is now slower to configure your view if all you need is a very simple filter.
Would it be possible to have both? When on a board, you click filter and you’re presented with the old filter interface but with a button/link in the corner that says “advanced filter” which, when clicked, gives you the new interface, enabling you to make more complex filtered views.


agree with all you wrote here

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Yes, that’s the obvious answer here. A simple/advanced toggle.


Hi @ziv after activating the new filter some of the views that we have created with the old filter did not work anymore. Is there a way to use the new filter but stil being able to select the filtered views? Thanks

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Please add tags to this!

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Hi, this filter is not avaliable for dashboard yet no?

Hey :slight_smile: This filter is not available for dashboards yet.

@Patrick we’re working on it, and tags will be available soon!

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@Eltjo Hey :slight_smile:
We recently added a migration that lets you use both filters, you should now be able to switch between the two filters smoothly and both of them should work for all of your views.

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