A new way of sharing boards – or how to easily leverage board items outside of monday.com, and embed them seamlessly into websites – without coding 🚀

I’m excited to introduce our latest Board to Website Widget app, which allows you to quickly turn any board into a fully customized web-based widget that can be shared publicly or embedded into any website. Make sure to take a look at the demos.

Before you continue reading below, I recommend you take the time to see the app in action by watching the following tutorial video that covers one specific use case, but gives a complete overview of the apps’ capabilities.

:rocket: What are the key benefits?

  • Share boards that look professional while perfectly matching your company brand.
  • Make all files directly accessible from within the website widget without any further effort.
  • Leverage board items outside of monday.com without any coding or API usage.
  • Make board items searchable based on the published items and their values.

:sunglasses: What are the key features?

  • Apply custom filters to include or exclude specific board items.
  • Hide specific board columns that are e.g. determined for internal use only.
  • Keep everything in sync with your board by publishing manually or with automations.
  • Make your widget fit your use case and your board structure :point_right: Examples

:slightly_smiling_face: Which use cases are covered?

The following use cases are meant to give you an idea, though your imagination is the limit:

  • Project documentation (Construction, Events, Property Management)
  • Product catalogs (Real Estate Agency, Rental Service, Producers, Sellers)
  • Product Resources (Client Portal, Download Center)
  • Company news (Press Releases, News, Micro Blogs)
  • Company information (Business Locations, Contact Persons, Sales Teams)

If you have any questions or feedback, I would be happy to read about them down below.

– Markus from Gorilla Apps

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