A quick question about integrations welcome app

Hello, monday community. I was looking at the code for welcome-app integrations. In text-transformation-controller.js for inboundValues we receive const { boardId, itemId, sourceColumnId, targetColumnId, transformationType } = inboundFieldValues; how should we change the value of transformationType from the board. It is by default UPPER_CASE.
Link for code.

Hi @rohan

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You would need to build on the current version of the application.

You would need to add another field in the Action/Recipe that allows the user to select if they would like it Upper Case or Lower case, you can then use this in your action controller to convert it to the correct format.

I can go into more detail if you would like more assistance.

Hello @mitchell.hudson thank you very much. I added another field in the Action. I want to know how and where the user can select Upper_case or lower_case. Please ignore the names of the fields the functionality is still same.

@rohan I would probably use a custom field with a drop down option (Upper and Lower).

When you place this in your recipe, the user will select if it should be converted to Upper Case or Lower Case.

When you receive this inboundVariable in your payload, you would check to see the value, and then determine which transformation function to use.

Hey @rohan,

Sorry for our delay in handling this! Thanks for stepping in @mitchell.hudson - I agree that a custom field with a dropdown would be the best way to approach this.

Let us know if you need any further help!