A red border around the integration - why is that?

One of my customers showed me their board integrations and a number of my integration recipes had a red border. By clicking and saving it turned into the usual grey border again.

I am wondering if monday.com is trying to tell us something here, the question is: what is the meaning of such a red border?

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We have noticed the same thing with our Automations. They are intermittently being stopped and turned off. We have reported it to monday.com support. Awaiting response.

Thank you @CBrush , let’s hope we get a clear answer soon :slight_smile:

Same thing. This is really frustrating!!!

Hey y’all! A red border means that the automation/integration was deactivated.

In many cases, this should be accompanied by an error message which may be specific or general.

For more details, check out this article: Why is my automation deactivated?