A Top Group or Pulse for your general talks and notes

We all love keeping updates and conversation on topic and on the relevant pulses - but what do we do if we have general updates or notes after a company or team meeting and want to share it with our team members - where will we post it on our monday.com account?

How about this solution: Add a pulse in the top of your group, name it Talks and post your general updates there. Alternatively, you could add a General group on the board and add a Talks pulse to this group where you discuss/add updates for general stuff happening on the board, see the picture for example:

For some boards you might want several “Talk pulses”; for announcements, meeting notes, general - you name it.


Let’s Talk!


I would love to see communication at a board level. There’s just some things that don’t need to be created as a pulse and doesn’t make sense to post as an update to an unrelated pulse.
I don’t think I could sell our team on an extra pulse at the top, as I’m always the one yelling about pulse clutter :woman_facepalming:t4:


As a company, we have (and have done that since before integrating it on monday) a Follow Up (FUP) document on Google Drive with the topics on discussion in team meetings. Each project (or project prospection) has its own document and when a prospect becomes a project, the file goes into outr Google Drive forlder for that project.
That being said, for general meetings ans day to day control we use a board called FUP with the tasks and to-dos that are determined in the general meeting and the FUP folder is linked on the description of the board. We use only monday to guide the meeting and someone is responsible for registering everything on the appropriate FUP file.
This made our meetings much shorter and more to the point than anything else.
In meeting for specifitc ongoing projects, we use the FUP for that project and the board related to that project.