Ability to Reorder Views

Wow, since 2019 the community is asking for this feature. I didn’t expect that from the monday team. It could improve so much the experience and the day-to-day productivity.

A simple drag and drop or at least an alphabetical ordering to the user be able to put a number renaming. But nothing in 4 years.

5 days to have a return on one of my three questions to the support. The two others, no answers after 1 week. I think Monday has other priorities. And the user isn’t among them.

This seems like a fairly simple request, and while I do appreciate feature development is a balancing act it would be great to get some idea of timescale on when this will be available. Being able to reorder views would be a huge help for my team as it means I can order views in relation to importance and relevance. I’ve added my vote and hope to see an update soon!

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YESSSS this would be so helpful.

This is such a fundamental request - you can see that by the depth of the comments here.

I’m really starting to become concerned about the responsiveness of Mondays development. I wonder if they dont really have the development resources needed to keep the product modern or at least maintain a basic level of upkeep. This really should have been done by now.

Im wondering about our teams future with Monday and the ability to grow with this platform…


Hi Everyone! I wanted to provide an update and let you know that development team understands the needs for this and are working on finding a solution. More here.

As part of our new feature request process we are working on providing responses our top requested votes and will keep providing updates on the status changes. All you need to know about our new Feature Request process.

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