Ability to Reorder Views

Would be great to have ability to do!

Please keep us posted. This was requested 4 years ago and has been upvoted ever since. Thanks!

Indeed, this is a pretty basic need of any user… Not sure why it wasn’t implemented before…

This was announced at Elevate (7:15 of the 2024 Product Roadmap video - Watch - Elevate 2023 by monday.com)


Hi all,

We can save some filters under views. Great as it avoid to set the filters each time we need them.
Each time we create a new view, it is positioned at the end the existing views.

But seems we cannot reorganize the views, change the display order.

Does it exist a native way to organize views? Could be great to have this feature to organize views within our boards.

Today, the only workaround I found is to duplicate views (and delete the initial ones) in order to put them it the expected order.


I am excited to share that the ability to reorder views is on the roadmap coming to your boards soon! This feature was announced in our 2024 roadmap session at Elevate '23, thanks to our community feedback! In case you missed the session, you can watch the live 2024 roadmap session here. I know this has been a very important feature for many of us and want to thank you for all the thoughtful feedback. This year our product team is dedicated to trying to get as many request from our community into the roadmap as possible.

While there is not an exact date for when this will be released, but I will update since we know this is a very important feature for our community! Stay tuned!

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Board views is a particularly useful and powerful function. It also evolves when working with the board.
When using the board users add new views. However today there is no way that you can order the views.
When adding a view the view is being added is last. In some use cases you want to reorder these views without creating the
view again.

So please add the possibility that board owners can order or determine the order of the views (tabs).
Maybe it could be even better or more useful that users can apply a different order of created views that matches their workflow.


This is a huge issue for us too!

The kinda “work-around” is that we will create the default and then individuals can Favorite their views in the order that they want them. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to globally set that but it works for the time being!

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This is a big issue for us too, when you have a lot of views and it is ever evolving, not being able to create a new view and put it in a logical order is not only frustrating, but a pretty big flaw in the logic. As so much of Mondays functionality is around drag and drop, this functionality would be immense.


No updates on this?
As we work on boards, they tend to get bigger and loaded with a lot of information. Views allows you to organize that information in what’s important to you in the moment but not being able to rearrange those tabs is interesting and one might thing it’s something basic that doesn’t involve a lot of programing to allow users to do that.

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Totally agree and I don’t understand that this minor change witch such a significant impact takes so long. No brainer and low hanging fruit…

Hey everyone! Amber here from the monday.com team.

In an effort to make sure that our users’ voices are heard loud and clear in product discussions, I’d love to hear more from you about the ideal workings of the ability to re-order board views.

Is the order of board views something that you believe should be controlled by the board owner exclusively? Should each person be responsible for setting up their own preferred order?

If you could share more about how you use different views board views, maybe that could shed some light on what options would work for different use cases!

In addition to that, feel free to shed some light on any specifics you’ve thought about:

  • grouping / clustering views,
  • coloring views
  • any thoughts you have on favorites
  • anything else you think is relevant for us to know

Looking really forward to hearing all your thoughts!

  • Board owners control the order for everyone
  • All users control their own views order
  • Something else!
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Hi Amber,

I think there should be both owner managed (shared) and also private views

  • Order
  • Permissions (I have to drop it here)

However I do think a user could able to create there own

Sorry to use Pipedrive as an example (we use PD as our CRM and Monday for Projects and our Dev work) but Pipedrive have IMO very good filtering.
Lets say we have a Filters for a Deal, you can save those filters and give them a name but you can also pin those filters (looks like a view) and additionally make a filter private or shared.

Shared means others can use it and private is just for you, you are still the owner of the filters you create so can maintain them for the others who wish to use them.

Very useful as the shared ones are the core workflow, like all open deals, deals that need focus. So you pin those for others to use.

Lets translate this to a bugs backlog board in Monday:
You have 5 levels of priority, Critical, High, medium etc
you might have a view with a filter applied for Critical and High Sorted by the priority pinned at position 2.

It would be nice to have you own private views for private topics, like for the scrum manager might have, all tasks without a Epic.
However the devs do not care about that view so why clutter it for them.

Less views is easier to pick the view you need.
More views for those who really need them.

I could imagine the UI with the main owner managed views first
then some small line division and the User private Views
If there are many views you go with you more view at the end but I am sure you UI/UX team will figure that out. Worth thinking of having pinned vs non pinned views also.

The Problem is I do not think you can restrict views only to board owners but Board owners should be able to define some order for important views.

Hope it helps


Amazing detailed feedback @nealb
Thanks for taking the time to send it through :pray:

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Thanks for opening up this discussion @amber.

In our case, it would be most important for the Board Owner (admin, me) to organize/arrange the various views. We are trying to use Monday for Project Management in a fabrication shop and we are just starting out with this product.

Our Projects flow through 6-8 departments so the number of columns in the main board view gets quite unwieldy. Add to that: some of our employees are not even comfortable with email and slack, so if we want them to use this tool it needs to be incredibly streamlined. I’m using board views to narrow down the necessary info for each department so that they don’t have to sift through too much info. All of the user interaction should be done in the customized board views. I use the main board only as my back-end, behind the scenes set up for the entire workflow. No one should really ever see it. I’d love to be able to hide the main view altogether.

Additionally, I need to re-order the Board views differently for each project so that the most relevant project info is at the front and that might vary from job to job. Some projects need unique views, so adding them to a template and moving them to the front of the order is really important.

That said, I’d still like for the more savvy users to be able to order things as they see fit without affecting the default view for other users. That sounds more complicated for you folks, and honestly is much less important for our use.

Thanks again for the discussion!

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To me, the MVP for this feature would be the ability for whomever is allowed to create the views to also reorder them for everyone.

Wish list, if we’re improving this area in general (by personal priority starting with the most important):

  1. Board owners can create both private and shared views and set the default order
  2. Board users with edit permission can create private views and set their own order
  3. Board owners can choose visibility for shared views, including the Main Table, so that they could restrict visibility by team/user if needed
  4. Each user can choose their own “favorite” and “default” views
  5. Adding an accent color to the view would be a nice touch
  6. The ability to upload an image to use as the banner/header for not only any individual view but also the board itself as a fallback would be super cool

Thank you for asking for our feedback!


Hi Amber,

Thanks for asking! It is most important to us that the board owner be able to manage the order of the views and lock that order. If in addition the users are provided more ability to control order for themselves that would be an added bonus.

We are establishing a number of standard templates, project management boards and CRM boards for our users at our ~150 person org. I am finding that as I establish corporate standard boards, the Main Table is not typically appropriate for our users, there are too many ‘back end’ columns in the Main Table. As we are using monday specifically to support real-time cross-functional collaboration, we have subsets of personnel on each board who need to be presented with a clear subset of the information. This means we have multiple views for entry, along with a number of reporting views. We establish a number of standard views on a board, and lock them (thankful to have that control!) The Board Owner (me) being able to move views around during development and then able to set a standard order for those views for use will be an excellent next step.

As users can pick a favorite their ability to reorder for themselves is secondary, though if they can be provided more depth at their level of control on top of the Board Owners control that would be great.

Having a way to group or cluster views would be ideal, then we would cluster a table view with a reporting view, for each of the parties involved in the collaborative board as a whole. Alternatively, or additionally, color coding the views into similar groups, or maybe types or priority in conjunction with clustering would be great.

In conclusion we are heavily dependent upon the locked views to make use of the system at the corporate level, and being able to control the order of those views would simplify setup and solidify the standardization of this offering, which is very critical as our volume continues to grow.

Look forward to this step forward!


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Just seeing this because I didn’t get the tag like everyone else did :frowning:

But I selected ‘something else’ because depending on the scenario who should be able to make changes to the order could vary board to board.

I think a simple switch setting would be best for this.
(allow all board members to reorder view) or (only allow board admins to reorder views)

I’m really fond of the insight @nealb shared about pipedrive, users being able to establish private/personal views only accessible to them could be an amazing feature. I think placing this permission at the account level, and the being able to apply it to roles would be the best way to implement it.

I like the idea of personalized view ordering, but the practicality of this seems challenging, if monday can do it, I think it’d be an amazing upgrade!

Back in December 22, I commented on this thread:

This feature is a necessity for UX when you consider how paramount views are to the monday platform. Could be as simple as dragging to reorder them, or implementing further features.
-Alphabetic / number sorting
-Color formatting
-Sorting by view type
-Custom naming main table view

I still think all of these are highly desirable.

Dragging to reorder - seems like such a straightforward way to organize views, when you consider you can do this at the item level, board level, why not the views too?

Alphabetic / number sorting - would be great for people who want to reorder views in a straightforward intuitive way. (If you know the name of the view, it’s really easy to find OR someone might say something like “check view 4 on X board”)

Color formatting - this is present in the foldering system for workspaces, and would be beneficial for the same reason it was implemented for folders. My assumption: Visual intuitiveness. (Color-coding in monday is one of my favorite things so I may be bias.)

Sorting by view type - would simply be a cool way to organize different view types in order. Back in the day, I believe my idea was separating normal views from dashboards, but now that “blank views” are a thing and not really board dashboards, idk if this would be as useful now.

Custom naming main table view - At the surface, it makes sense why this is called the main table, but being able to customize this still seems like a no-brainer to me.

Now for other ideas I have, not originally mentioned in this thread:

Emojis in titles - We love the use of emojis across our account. They make boards more easily identifiable, convey column meaning visually, and of course adds more pops of color to our environment and they’re fun of course. I’d love to be able to use emojis in view titles for these same reasons; I try all the type but they always get wiped away :confounded:.

View Icons - Similar to how the workspace icons element works, being able to add from a library of icons or uploading custom ones, could be a really great way to custom-tailor the platform, add to visual identity, and for business like ours who are fully operate on monday, it’d give that added personalized touch to every board we desire.

Happy to provide more insight!