Ability to Reorder Views

I really like all of Carson’s suggestions. That’s a second from me on these features.


@Carson Sorry for missing you in the tags, but really happy you saw it because this is such great feedback! Thanks for sharing :pray:


No worries! Always happy to share my thoughts/ideas and give feedback :slight_smile: Glad you found it helpful!

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I like this suggestion. @amber this would be great. :slight_smile:

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Just throwing another simple ideas.
Keyboard shortcut to jump to a board view via a switcher like the Board switcher that already exists.

For jumping to a board or doc you hit CMD+K or CTL+K on windows. The dialog appears and it presents in order.
Meaning to switch between 2 boards you simply hit CMD+K and enter.

While in the board it would be nice for a shortcut like say CMD+Shirt+K (or whatever the Monday team would decide as the best keyboard shortcut) to search the board views in the same manor.


Hi Amber

First of all this is something I have long advocated so it really is great news we are going to see a resolution

I will be honest, some of the ideas and detail coming from the community are well beyond what I was thinking so I think you are in good hands!

I did however, want to draw your attention to an issue I have been experiencing where we link boards to external software to take people direct to links (See reply from Monday below). This has caused me some issues and I would think if we are going to create view functionality, I would imagine a lot of the users will want to use the links. If then links are defaulting the user as per below - that doesn’t feel ideal to me. I would therefore like to suggest the ‘Permalink’ solution mentioned in the thread below.

Hope you feel that is a useful insight and worth knowing

Jumping Links Issue
Once you set a default view, every time a user visits the board for the first time , they will be directed to that default view.

However, if it is not their first time visiting the board, that user’s last viewed board view will be opened. This is saved locally per user, so even though the first-time visit will be determined by the default view, any time thereafter will redirect each user to the last view they were on.

So, moving forward, when you share a link to a board with someone from your team, you should also include the name of the board view you specifically want them to view, as the link to the board will take them either to the default view (if it’s their first time visiting the board) or the last view they visited on that board (which may not be the one you need them to reference).

I know it would be great to have some kind of permalink for sharing board views internally, and I will definitely flag this as feedback for our Product Team so they can consider this use case as they plan and implement improvements to our features.

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Just to weigh in on @amber’s question about view ordering…
In my mind, I feel like view order should be universal to a board. With the “favorite view” feature, individuals can already pin their favorite views to the beginning of the list. However, when training employees, it’s helpful to be able to say “Go to the PRODUCTION VIEW, it should be the 4th one from the left”. That keeps everyone on the same page. That’s just my particular view of this feature (no pun intended). But it might be easy enough to have an option for both behaviors: universal or individual-user, I’m all for customizability!


Hi there!

I’m Michal, Product of the boards.

Excited to share we have started to work on designing this so needed capability !!! :grin:

Want to help us build it the right way??

Please submit your feedback here:


I believe that the most `productive use of this feature is to allow each individual user to set up the board views according to their needs. In our company, we have various departments, and each department has their views with various filters and individual column setup. To those that aren’t that tech-savvy, they do have issues where they get confused when dealing with many views and then to be in the wrong one every single time. So far, I’ve tried using the favorite feature to help them better navigate the platform, but sometimes they just simply want to be able to organize it in a way that they feel comfortable and accomplished. I believe having both options would be ideal, however, if we must pick one of the two, I would say that each user should have the ability to transform the board in a way that feels comfortable to them.

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Thanks @MichalFra happy to be able to provide more feedback. Very much looking forward to this capability to control view order coming out.

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This is a very important feature for us users to sort “Ability to reorder views”. Is there an update now it is May 14th, 2024


With several teams working in the same board, we had to create different views to enable them to work more efficiently. Over 20 views have been created, with more to come. We would like to be able to reorganize the views in the tab list to group and sequence them for easier access and use by the teams.

Hi Frederick! Make sure to vote for Ability to Reorder Views - #159 by vira and vote! I will merge your request with the existing one as well and you can turn on notifications for updates!

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Any update to this request? Its been almost 5 years. We are about to roll out a new board template that is going to have between 6-8 different board views. These views are all for different teams based on the information they need to see. It would be extremely helpful to be able to reorder the views based on who is using the board the most at the time.

Hey! :wave: I made a Chrome Extension to add the tab reordering functionality to monday’s UI. It’s not free, but I think it’s affordable, and you only need it until monday incorporates this feature. :grinning:

Monday Sortable Tabs Demo Gif
Currently, it doesn’t sync between team members, but I think it can still add value to individual workflow. Based on user feedback, I might add team sync in future updates.

You can find it at Monday Sortable Tabs or at the Chrome Web Store
If you have any questions or problems with it, you can reach out to me @ the Support Center.

Hope this helps and let me know what you think! :raised_hands: