Ability to set custom quarters

We roadmap our development work based on our financial quarters, which are offset one month from calendar quarters (so our Q1 2021 runs Feb-April). We would love the ability to set custom quarters in the timeline view to minimize the amount of translation needed between calendar <> financial quarters.

Hi there, I’ve love to know how to do this too as I want to set quarterly deadlines

Agree here. In Australia our financial year is July-June and we report as a company on these quarters, so it’s very confusing to have different quarters in Monday.

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Here to vote for this functionality as well! Really disappointed that it doesn’t already exist, as SO many companies (especially SaaS) have moved their fiscal years to Feb - Jan


I agree that it would be helpful to be able to set these to fit our financial year (for my company, Quarter 1 is Jul-Sep).


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Would love this feature since my company’s fiscal year starts in October. Since it only support calendar quarters, my workaround is to re-create the gantt chart in another tool for presentations or take a screenshot of the Monday.com chart and photoshop the correct fiscal quarters. Both workaround require more work than is needed. Please consider adding this enhancement request to your roadmap.

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This is a must have basic feature to have on any work management tool.

We recently moved to Monday.com and our FY is from Sep-Aug, our roadmap is pointless without custom quarter aligning without FY. We can’t use Monday now as this was one of our primary use cases to choose and never see this coming.


Hey Support,

I’m from New Zealand and our business requires us to report using the New Zealand Financial Year (April-March) quarters.

I hope the developers can come with a solution soon as this was first discussed in April 2021 and we are sitting near the end of 2023 with no updates of the ability to set custom quarters.

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I’ll jump on this request as well. Our FY starts on 10/1.

Please add this functionality. It’s embarrassing to show a timeline to anyone in my leadership team with the quarters off. It causes so much confusion in meetings that could be avoided.

Just to keep this feature request alive… we’d like it as well FY starts March.

This is desperately needed. You can set when the week starts so you should definitely be able to set when the year starts.