About mutation via API curl


I know that I do something wrong in syntax, but don’t know where.

I’m using the curl in windows command line.

This request for curl works perfectly:
-d “{“query”: “mutation {change_column_value(board_id: 1692786470, item_id: 1692853617, column_id: “_____12”, value: “\“871\””) {id}}”}”

I’m also needed to change the “date” column.

This command I have checked at “API Playground”, it’s work:
mutation { change_column_value(board_id: 1692786470, item_id: 1692853617, column_id: “____”, value: “{“date”: “2021-09-01”}”) { id }}

but I can’t transfer it for curl (same us first request)…

Question was resolved…


I’m really glad to hear you were able to find the solution to your issue here! I also recommend looking into the change_multiple_column_values API call, as you can use it to update multiple columns at once.

The other benefit of using the change multiple column values mutation is that it allows you to send your values as strings, instead of using JSON formatting. While normally a Date column would expect a JSON like `{“date”:“YYYY-MM-DD”}, with Simple value formatting, you can just send “YYYY-MM-DD” instead.

I hope this helps, and please let us know if you need anything else.


Thank you for advice, i’ll check this!
Sometimes JSON formatting for windows curl command line little bit complicated.

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