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hi @Julia-monday.com and rest of the monday team. I fully understand the need of these about posts but it is really distracting from what should be (in my opinion) the reason for this community site. It would be great is you can find a method to prevent dozens of the same messages here which makes it harder to find what kind of issues other users are experiencing and where I can help.

Hi @basdebruin

Sorry for the surprise!

We’re actually doing some work on the community (more info to follow soon) and as part of that we want to include subcategories to help users navigate their way around the community better.

These “about” topics are automatically created when we create new subcategories. I think I will probably delete them so you can ignore them for now.


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hi @Julia-monday.com as you are changing few things around in the community maybe you can have a look at this too. I experience lots off issues with the community with “Request Header of Cookie too large” when using Chrome. I have to go incognito to get it working again. Is it only me and are you aware of this? (you are now :slight_smile: )