About the FAQs - GraphQL API category

For questions about building with our GraphQL API.

Guidelines for new posts

When creating a new post, please keep these things in mind to ensure other community members can help you in the best way:

  • Add your post to the relevant subcategory to help keep our community organized.
  • Please start every post with a clear description of what you’re looking for. :open_book:
  • Include examples of your code and queries where relevant! :woman_technologist:
  • More context is always better than less. No one’s going to police you for too much context :female_detective:
  • Use formatting (headers, bold , italics , emojis ) to make a long post easier to read. :fountain_pen:

Some other notes when posting:

  • Don’t include your API key in any example posts. They’re basically passwords! :lock:
  • A long title is not a replacement for detail and context! :memo:
  • When copy-pasting logs from HTTP responses, check for any private data (keys, data from external services, publicly accessible URLs or ports) :eye: