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Hi I’ve always wanted all information to be interconnected: I created a board as a list for upcoming tasks and I have another board as Weekly Team Tasks where the tasks got assigned to people. I linked the two boards from the list one and mirrored the Status column from the Weekly Task one, but the show-up Status column in the list board cannot function as a real Status column. For example, I cannot generate convenient views in the list board because Monday does not recognize the mirrored status column as status column, while if I change anything on the Status column from list board, the same change is reflected in the Weekly Task board.

Can the mirrored columns enjoy the same treatment as a, say, original column?


Hey :smiley:

Thanks for reaching out with this! Glad to hear you’re making use of the links and mirror columns to make the linkages between your different boards and save you time. :dancer:

Could you share screenshots of your boards so I can understand better what you’re describing? I’m having a little difficulty picturing what you’ve built so it would help to see your example live!


I have this problem as well, but it shows up in a different way. I have mirror columns in a CRM board and I cannot apply any automatons you the mirror columns. They aren’t recognised :frowning:

I have the same requirement. For me it is mirroring the dates from another board and using automation on the linked-board to manage my content. Another example is with emails from one board and having a schedule on another board with automation to email to those people. Both of these requires the above mentioned.

Hey there,

Right now the mirrored column data is still stored in the original board so it won’t work with the automations and views but this is something we are planning on supporting in the future!

So happy to hear that this is something that many people are looking for :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need anything else!


Please @Becca-monday.com consider a few more things on this request:

  1. all the mirrored columns need to have the same behaviour that other columns.
  2. this mean using with formulas too.
  3. they can be modified on any devices Pc, Android, others, on android actually this doesnt work.
  4. we need this mirrored columns to be recognized as the others, to take their functionality to the best!
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Hey @Becca-monday.com I’ve got another big improvement you could make to the link/mirror column functionality. You know, just to add to the list :smile:

We have a CRM board with a linked Organisation board. Currently, when I change the Mirror column in the CRM to show the correct organisation, the information only goes one way. This means when I click on the Mirror column for the organisation, this is what shows up…

I want the Organisation board to show that the organisation is listed as a Deal in my CRM Board. But it doesn’t.

Does that pain point make sense?

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Dear @Becca-monday.com, I hope this will be fixed soon, we are also using a linked CRM board, but it won’t work with the notifications/app. Can you tell me when this will be fixed or when this will be on the agenda? We are happy with Monday, but making the linked boards more functional (also the formula columns as mentioned by ‘hlopezvc’) will offer a huge advantage in using Monday! Hope to hear from you soon.

@Julia-monday.com, I’m going to try to summarize my own frustrations, which echo the frustrations of everyone on this thread: While monday is very good at tracking, filtering, manipulating & searching data items, it is very limited in its ability to track, filter, manipulate & search relationships between data items. Currently, this is entirely accomplished through the linking feature, and the linking feature has serious shortcomings.

—As many people have pointed out, Linked/Mirrored data are functionally invisible on boards. They do not appear in searches. They cannot be “read” by other fields in the pulse. One cannot use the data for notifications, automations, integrations, or formulas. So if you’re on a board and you want to actually do anything with mirrored data (not just view it), you have to hand copy and paste that data from the mirrored field into a new field. There’s not even a way to convert a mirrored column, or to bulk copy and paste a column, you have to create a new column, then copy the data individually, by hand, field by field.

—monday offers a very limited view of linked/mirrored relationships. The only way to see a linked relationship is to be on the linked board. If you are on the parent board, there’s no way to see an overview of the links.

A use case to make this clear: I do video production. I have a board which contains names, phone numbers, & e-mail addresses for actors.

Then, each production gets its own casting board. On this casting board, I track which actors I audition for each role. There are columns which link/mirror to the actor’s name, e-mail, & phone number.

Now, I might audition an actor for multiple roles within a single production. Let’s say I have an actor named Claire. I audition Claire for the role of the lead. But I also audition her for the role of the lead’s best friend. On top of that, I might audition Claire for roles in other productions (each kept on its own board). So now Claire’s name is linked to multiple pulses on multiple boards.

But if I’m on the contact board and I’m looking at Claire’s name, there’s no way to pull up an overview of all the different boards she is linked to. At the very least, this should be a tab in the updates panel— a sort of “view all linked relationships” option.

Better yet, if there were some way to track and run reports on linking relationships, I could get useful answers to all sorts of questions. Questions like: who are the actors I most frequently see in auditions? In the last two years, which actors have I not called in for an audition (and who can maybe be purged from my list)? Across all productions, what are all the roles in which Claire has achieved the status of “called back”? If I could save that report as a dashboard widget, I’d have easy access to it.

And for my pie-in-the-sky dream world-- if that report could be somehow consolidated and saved onto its own smart board, I could have an automatically updating list of my most frequently used actors. I could use that data set to invite all my most frequently used actors to a party, or to my latest screening. I could add an automation to send them casting call notices whenever I had a new project coming up.


Hey @typo @Charlotte @TheOtherPM @hlopezvc @jirehly @HKILF,

Thank you so much for sharing your frustrations around the linking capabilities and ability to be used in automations.

I would like you all to know that we understand the limitations and are working on adding much more functionality to the linking capabilities. We are also working on adding the support for the mirror column in automations. This second one will take longer as they do not live on the board itself. So stay tuned. :slight_smile:

We appreciate you all sharing your feedback. Please keep it coming.

In the meantime, feel free to share your use case in other areas of the community. I am sure users can benefit from all the knowledge each one of you have. :slight_smile:


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