About the Link & Mirror function

Thanks. Managing continuously changing/evolving schedules is the hardest thing we do. I am trying to get a process in place so I can do what I do better.

We already spend a fair amount on Monday.com. The tool is killer but currently has some bridges to nowhere.

VLOOKUP “This app is free to try and $39/month to fly”

That Vlookup appeared to maybe a solution but this really should not cost ~$500/year. It seems like their privacy policy was decent relative to some of the others.

I just tried the Vlookup app.

It does not allow you to drive the Timeline from a top level view. It does Status and a lot of other field types.

It does not allow you to use a mirror on one board to update a timeline on the same item.

There may be some things I have not discovered yet…

Were you ever able to figure this out? We are having the EXACT same issue over here.