About the Link & Mirror function

Hey @Dazski, no worries for the delay. Yes we have an Mirror to Real app which may help (as described by @basdebruin). Send me an email at kim@workperfect.io and we can discuss how it may help you : )

I think this feature seems to have been omitted on purpose. It’s not that the monday.com team can’t handle it, but it’s to encourage us to buy additional apps like Vlookup and others. Ha ha. This is a business bro.

We currently use 4 People columns in our task management board.

  • 3 are local
  • 1 is mirrored from another board (in which it has also been mirrored, sort of a 2 layer / nested mirroring)

When will the mirrored People column work with the below Board Permissions setting?

Otherwise, is there a function to transform this mirrored data to local data (copy / paste value)?

We are having to jump through hoops to safeguard data from being seen by non-assigned People’s eyes!
This is preventing us from scaling up in a meaningful way.

Thanks! And Happy New Year

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I keep the hope that this feature will be avaliable on pro plans…

31 months since this was posted. This should not be difficult. What is the hangup???


I also want to echo what the above comments have said. We previously used another project management software that had a ton of automation capabilities. While monday.com is more user friendly and visually pleasing the automation “recipe” abilities and column limitations are much worse which is frustrating.

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Which one did you use before aaragon? Kinda curious for alternatives!

We’ve been using Monday for 2 months now, but the lack of automation possibilities due to the mirrored column limitation is driving us up the walls and wondering if we’ve made the right decision. 3/4 of the things we had in mind cannot be automated because of this… :frowning:

We previously used Podio. The automation options and capabilities were better as long as you had one of their higher tiered accounts but visually it wasn’t as easy to view things. They also really haven’t been working to keep updating and making the system better and it lacks any dashboards or functional charts. I don’t think there is really a perfect app sadly.

But I definitely agree, Mondays automation really need some upgrades, because they have a lot of limitations.

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Automations are almost there, but without taking things to the next level with features like this, Monday will start to lose customers like myself that thought there was more to depth to the product.

After many months, more robust connected board column automations are STILL not a thing. What about operations for automations like OR and NOT. Still missing. And maybe adding support for connected board columns on forms, not possible and who knows when or if that ever will be.

Meanwhile, Monday has been dumping development resources into completely unwanted and unused me-too features like Docs.

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Good day,

is the Automation ‘‘When a statut change to something EMAIL someone’’ will be program soon ?

Hi @Nepenthes email me at niro@jetpackapps.co maybe we can assist

Hi Threadizens!
We created a comparison table for showing how VLOOKUP app is compared to monday connect boards. Check it out!


For those who follow this topic, below is from my recent post on the closely related thread: Mirror Column - Select Entire Board or Group. I would add here - with all respect to third-party app developers - I believe strongly that this full functionality MUST be native within the Monday platform.