About webhook when_date_arrived/incoming_notification


According to API Docs, Webhooks
when_date_arrived/incoming_notification are supported.

However, I tried testing to create those two webhooks event and they didn’t work.
I got
“error_message”: “Internal server error”, “status_code”: 500
after requesting when_date_arrived event.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t send the request query with config arguments.
Could anybody let me know the required arguments for creating those event?

Hello there @jychoiSPH,

Would you be able to please send over the exact mutation you are using? (you can change the board ID and URL if you want to keep those private).

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @Matias.Monday
Thank you for your reply!

mutation {
	create_webhook (board_id: <My_Board_ID>, url: "https://www.webhooks.my-webhook/test/", event: incoming_nofication, ) {

This is is the result after I tried this query.

I hope to hear from you☺

I do not see the incoming_notification on the document page at this time. The page was updated about 11 hours ago, so its possible it was published prematurely in the docs.

Or possibly its only available if you set the API to version 2023-10.

Hello again @jychoiSPH,

As @codyfrisch said, we changed our documentation since we had an error there. incoming_notification is not available for external use at this time.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you @Matias.Monday !

So incoming_notification is no longer supported right?

Then I have additional question about “when_date_arrived”.

Could you give a example query of create “when_date_arrived” webhook?

I would want to know the ‘config’ of this event!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Hello again @jychoiSPH I have double-checked this with the team and when_date_arrived is not available for external use either. I contacted the teams in charge of the documentation and the API Playground so that it can be removed.

Sorry for the confusion!


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