Absolutely Need to Add a Throttling System to catch Bugs and Accidents

I added two simple Integrations between Google Calendar and a basic Board Table. It somehow created an infinite loop and exploded to over 11,000 actions in what must be minutes (I didn’t even notice until I tried to add another action, which then informed me that I was 11k over my allowed 250 actions budget. WTF?!

  1. This should never happen and there should be a system to catch these bugs quickly. (Backend side)
  2. Users should be able to have their own setting to prevent this from happening. (Client side)
  3. If this is a bug, how is it that the app failed to properly inform me of such a disastrous event? And if this is weirdly expected behavior, how is it that the app failed to warn/protect me from creating such an event (UX Design)