Access to subitem triggers for apps

I assume that access to subitem triggers is on the way.

As it stands, creating integration apps that need subitem triggers is complicated and messy. The approach that I am taking is to have the user add a recipe with a “fake” custom trigger (to enable tracking) and then use the install/uninstall notifications to trigger creating (or removing) a webhook. It works. But, it seems unnecessarily complex and messy.

At the very least, adding the webhook description to the create webhook API would be helpful.

Assuming that my assumption is correct, :grin: is this going to be happening anytime soon?

hi @JCorrell

Are you looking for the subitem triggers in the list of default triggers? What I do is to create a custom trigger and insert the webhook (also for the subitems) during the subscribe event.


Yes, the “default” triggers. Unless I’m not understanding what you mean by “insert the webhook”, I think we are saying the same thing… I should have said “subscribe/unsubscribe” instead of “install/uninstall”.

ok, yes we are on the same page :slight_smile:. I was just checking if we are doing the same thing.

Hello @JCorrell!

Thank you for that feedback and feature request :slightly_smiling_face:

I have shared it with our team so that it can be reviewed :muscle: