Access to the screen notifications (like used when board is deleted)

Hi @dipro

See also my reply to the notifications thread.

Do you think it is a good idea to give API access to the message centered at the top of the screen. I see them in green when I delete a board, or sometimes in red when there is something wrong with the platform. It would be a great feature to notify users form an app. It would be really great is we can use the button that says “Undo” in a custom message when we require an action from the user (e.g. redirect to a marketplace / shop) :slight_smile:

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Hey @basdebruin – if you’re building a view, you can use the monday-SDK to trigger these warnings.

However, there isn’t a way to create a notification like this via the API or from an integration. Is there a specific flow that you’re imagining for this? If you can explain the use case, I can better flag this to the product team.

Hi @dipro, thank you for explaining this. When building integrations you sometimes needs to warn the user. In my case integrations will be free for an x amount of days and I want to send a warning whenever the integration is used that it is about to expire. Currently I am sending a notification, but as the user is also the owner of the token this is a notification to self :). It kind of works (notification is received) but when trying to open the notification it will disappear (except when you have windows notifications enabled).

The other important use case is when the backend server serving the notification is down. Of course I can’t do the from the backend (as it is down :slight_smile:) so it would be great if the monday platform issues a warning. Currently wehn the server serving the backend is down nothing will happen an nobody knows what the cause is.

Many thanks for considering:

  • Issue a warning from the platform when the backend server is not reachable AND (as an extra) issue a warning if the backend server return 401
  • Expose this warning system to the API