Access token expiration for trial end

Does an app’s API access token expire if a customer’s app trial has ended? This is for an app integration that a customer wanted to trial in the marketplace.

Hello there @oalbrecht!

What do you mean by an “app’s API access token”?

Are you referring to the token FROM THE USER you are using to access their data to make your app work?

API tokens from the users do not expire.

Having said that, you might be using seamless authentication for this. This would imply that you are using a shortLivedToken. Those expire after 60 seconds.

If you are not using seamless authentication and you are using OAuth, then you are and getting a permanent token.

Does this answer the question?

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Hi Matias. Thanks for the reply.

I was referring to the access tokens referred to in this page: OAuth and Permissions. At the end it says: “Access tokens do not expire and will be valid until the user uninstalls your app.”

I’m new to Monday, so I’m not sure if after a free trial has ended if that counts as the user uninstalling the app. If the free trial has ended, can the app still make API calls with the access token it received earlier?

I really appreciate your help!

Hello again @oalbrecht.

A trial ending will not make the token invalid.

But if you are monetizing with monday and you have a trial with no free plan, the app will become unusable for the account (monday enforces this).

If you do have a free plan, when the trial ends, the account goes to the free plan automatically and you can use the same token you have been using.


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