Access token is missing despite log message "INFO: '.mappsrc' created"

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently joined dev community, and I cannot figure out one important issue:
In order to use SDK I need to initialize access token through mapps init command
So, I’ve tried multiple options (local/global/with different access rights), and always getting the same log:
INFO: ‘.mappsrc’ created
(by the way with -l key .mappsrc is even automatically added to .gitignore)

But the problem is, I don’t see the ‘.mappsrc’ file anywhere, as well as as soon as I try to use any feature (i.e. tunnel), I’m getting this error:
Access token is missing, please run: “mapps init”

What could be the issue? SDK added globally, as well as added to the project itself. Tried with template app as well as with react/next apps - same story all the time

@mondaycom/apps-sdk”: “^2.0.0”

Also, to avoid asking another question, will ask here:
The only why I need SDK, is to try to fetch the request details which board user is currently selected. Is it possible?
App is a board view app, and will display different information based on the board selected (you can think of a board as an ID).

Within a UI app, you don’t need the access token at all to make API calls. its seamless and you used the monday-sdk-js package for the SDK.

The apps-sdk is for use inside monday code projects which are for backend/integrations - hence why a token may be needed, its not running inside the site.

You want the monday-sdk-js project for UI apps, which doesn’t require the token, its just a package you import into your js project.

The monday tunnel in the quickstart-react is broken, you’ll need to replace it with ngrok.

Hello there @alex_t,

If you still have an issue, please send us an email to and we will be happy to take a look :smile:


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