Access token received via OAuth is not valid to make API requests

I have a monday App (10010418) in place. Current flow is as below.

  • App in installed in the account
  • Add any recipe to board
  • User will be redirected to sign-in page
  • Login to our product
  • Redirected back to Monday to authorize the app. Here will monday will list out required permissions and all.
  • Once authorized, monday will provide us with access token, token type etc…

The problem, with this access_token, not able to make API calls to monday.

API Endpoint:
Method: POST
Authentication type: Bearer token
Request Body:

    "query" : "{ boards (limit:1) {id name} }"

Received response from monday

    "errors": [
        "Not Authenticated"

As I understand monday OAuth does not have refresh token logic and access token will stay as long as app in installed in the account.

This implementation was working before, not sure at what point this broke.

Hey Justin, if you’re still having issues with this please shoot us an email at Cheers!