Accessing Monday hosted images via mobile browserre

I’m making an external app that displays data from Monday through a normal browser, not through the Monday app platform. I may one day wish to publish it on Monday but for now that’s not my main concern.

My app displays item updates and on desktop this works wonderfully, because the html provided by the Monday API renders as it should. On mobile it kind of falls apart because it seems that refuses to serve images from to the mobile browser. This seems to be like the behavior in mobile where a link to a monday board/item/etc. opens the Monday app on the device or if not found just links back to the origin.

Here’s what a url looks like for a Monday hosted image:

[type or paste code here](

I suspect that “protected_static” bit gives the game away.

Is there a way around this? I can think of a couple ways I might “hack” my program to get this to work but it occurs to me that this behavior is in place for a reason and I jeopardize my relationship with Monday by breaking any rules.

I’ve suggested to my potential client that I could make the app render images that are placed in updates as links not hosted on Monday but he’s keen on avoiding this as a UX hindrance. He also points out, rightly I think, that part of what his company pays Monday for is the convenience and security of hosting such assets directly on Monday. If his team has to host assets off-platform so that my own app renders properly on mobile his company is losing some value.

I assume this behavior exists to prevent Monday users from using it as a hosting platform - you don’t want people hosting assets for use off of Monday. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Monday isn’t interested in encouraging people to build apps that run totally independent of the Monday platform, and if that’s the case I wouldn’t expect you to be concerned with addressing my issue. But in case you do want to let me display Monday-hosted inline images in updates via mobile browser maybe you can change something on your end or offer me a way around this that’s “legal”.

PS - I’ve tried this on Brave Android, Brave iOS, and Safari iOS and it’s always the same thing. Images are rendered with the broken image icon. Works fine in Chromium browsers on my Mac.

PPS - If there’s no “official” way to do this the best “legal” idea I have is to host the required assets on my own server and on the client replace the URLs appropriately. This would work but it’s not preferable because it could become somewhat resource intensive and introduces a new point of failure for my app. Additionally, going back to what I said earlier, my client is already paying monday for this hosting and everything on my app is related to my client’s account - it’s not like I’m trying to leech resources for something unrelated. If any devs on here have any other ideas I’d love to hear them!

Hi @Janssen,

Thanks for bringing this topic up! I can confirm that there’s no official way to do this.

Okay, good enough for me!