Accessing the Gmail/Outlook's "someone" list


The dynamic list that appears in the Gmail/Outlook integration when you click “someone” is great! So great, I’d like to use it myself.

I tried all the field types trying to find the one that will give me that list selector widget, but to no avail.

Did I just miss it? Or is this a type or union type that isn’t available to the general public?
I’d happily try to reproduce it myself, but the docs don’t show the ability to nest lists, so I’m assuming it can’t be done OOTB.


Could you post a screen shot just to remind everyone what it looks like? TYVM

Just to be sure its not the “notification receiver” field type by chance? That one is usually 'someone". Its NOT required to be used for notifications…

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Good idea.

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That looks just like “notification receiver” the only differences is the top text is “Who do you want to notify?” instead of “Who to send an email to?” and the lack of selecting an “Email (column)”

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I could swear I tried this as one of my first attempts. That’s embarrassing :sweat_smile:

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I’ll have cream soda. TYVM. JK

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Add that to the list!

It is a little weird that Notification Receiver doesn’t pick up email columns on your board when it does for the gmail integration, isn’t it?

The gmail integration does have a lot of functionality built into it (like the ability to add columns to the board right from the workflow page), that I would take, but don’t necessarily need.

Any chance monday staff can comment on the availability of this component?

Well the gmail uses a field type that is not available to app developers, “email recipient” we will call it. Notification Receiver is originally geared toward notifications.

I think monday is keeping the “email recipient” under wraps because of keeping the emails & activities feature closely guarded.

Any idea why they’d keep it under wraps? It’d be useful- seems a weird thing to keep close to chest.
I could see it being a permissions thing, but thats fixable.