Accessing time-tracking log via the API

I’m trying to build an application that will allow my employer to create custom time-tracking reports (ie time spent per person, per week, per project). However I’m not sure how to access the individual time entries for each project/item. When accessing “column_values” for the time-tracking column I get the general column information (see below)
“title”: “Time tracking”,
“id”: “time_tracking”,
“additional_info”: null,
“text”: “01:37:52”,
“value”: “{“running”:false,“startDate”:1562870160,“duration”:5872,“changed_at”:“2019-07-11T19:37:52.438Z”}”

However the data I need is the data that populates when looking at the time tracking log as shown below.

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Hey @Rotikhord,
The access to the time tracking logs is not available yet but we are planning to do it soon.
We are also planning to enable all the time tracking abilities, like start and stop.

Any idea how far this feature is?

Hey @albac – we don’t have an exact ETA since we are working on a lot of different things. But it is on our roadmap and want to tackle it soon! Watch this space :slight_smile:

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Any update for this feature?

Hey @d2g_patrick, no ETA yet, but I’ll pass your vote along to the team!