Accessing time-tracking log via the API

I’m trying to build an application that will allow my employer to create custom time-tracking reports (ie time spent per person, per week, per project). However I’m not sure how to access the individual time entries for each project/item. When accessing “column_values” for the time-tracking column I get the general column information (see below)
“title”: “Time tracking”,
“id”: “time_tracking”,
“additional_info”: null,
“text”: “01:37:52”,
“value”: “{“running”:false,“startDate”:1562870160,“duration”:5872,“changed_at”:“2019-07-11T19:37:52.438Z”}”

However the data I need is the data that populates when looking at the time tracking log as shown below.


Hey @Rotikhord,
The access to the time tracking logs is not available yet but we are planning to do it soon.
We are also planning to enable all the time tracking abilities, like start and stop.


Any idea how far this feature is?


Hey @albac – we don’t have an exact ETA since we are working on a lot of different things. But it is on our roadmap and want to tackle it soon! Watch this space :slight_smile:


Any update for this feature?


Hey @d2g_patrick, no ETA yet, but I’ll pass your vote along to the team!


Is there still no ETA as of today?

This is a core requirement in order for our company to use Tracking time spent on each task and being able to export (or at least analyze) this on a per-user/project basis (with the exact dates/time a user has entered) for different purposes (legal, controlling, etc.). As far as I know this is not possible through either automation or API (v1/2), or is there any workaround we’re not aware of?

Would be great if this could be added ASAP, thank you in advance.


Hi @Ayelet and Our use case is to be able to query out the time track detail so that we can streamline our time worked analysis. Currently we have a “heavily manual” process where we utilize multiple Apps and a spreadsheet to monitor time worked for our internal development teams. We are in a position to automate our processes if we can access this data and will save us a significant amount of time daily which can be converted into productivity and not lost to admin / data capturing. Any idea of ETA on when this data will be available on the API?


I’m looking for this feature too :up:

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Hello, I am also looking for this feature to be added. is there an ETA on this?

Also looking for an ETA on this. The time-tracking export format is currently almost useless, because you have to interpolate the pulse name into each of the individual rows for the time-tracking segments. (It’s formatted more like a Word doc than a spreadsheet–which makes it useless for manipulating as a spreadsheet!)

API access to time-tracking data would alleviate this formatting problem for us. As is, we’re trying to figure out our short-term plan. Generating reports each month using this export is TEDIOUS, and we can’t (yet) use an API to fetch the data, so our only other option is to use some sort of time-tracking integration. But I’ve tried several of these, and they’re all terrible.

Please make this functionality a priority!