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Hi friends, I was not able to make an integromat automation to find duplicates and so change a status.
We receive through Jotform insurance forms that become Items and when prospects want to cheat or they make a mistake and fill another form we need to immediatly show it in a status. Yes, there is an app in the market but is kind of expensive. Maybe we can do it in integromat you think?

Hi @Dran , yes one simple approach is to add a webhook when a new item is created in the board, then search the name, email or other unique identifier of the prospects in the board. If you find any you can then update the status column. You can use a router to perform different types of search at the same time. Hope it helps.

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I made soooo may procedures but never thought of the webhook, THANK YOU. What a great community.

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Hi Pedro, you know what? my scenario is randomly finding false duplicates, some times it respects that item doesn’t exist other times it makes duplicate from unique items. If you or someone else can give me a hand please. that is how it is configured the search module and the filter. All seems ok.


I suspect that you need to make sure that the item that is found is not the new one.

To avoid that, just add an AND rule that checks that the item ID from the webhook is Not Equal to the item ID from the search module.

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Jim THAT DID IT. Thank you so much.

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