{Action Requested} Deprecation of API version 2023-07 in 12 days

:rotating_light:Attention all developers! :rotating_light:

On Jan 15, the 2023-07 API version will be deprecated. Any API request with version header 2023-07 will use 2023-10, and any request with no version header will use version 2024-1.

You must take action before this deadline so your app’s features remain available for your valued customers.
If you fail to implement the necessary changes for the new API version, your app may break and certain features may become inaccessible.
We want to prevent disruption and ensure smooth experiences for both you and your users.

As of now, you have 12 days to implement these changes.
The clock is ticking, so please allocate the necessary resources and prioritize this update.
We strongly recommend taking immediate action to avoid any inconvenience or potential negative impact on your apps’ functionality.

If you have already started implementing the changes for the 2023-10 API version, we’d appreciate it if you could let us know by commenting on this post. It will help us keep track of the progress and ensure that we are all on board.

If you have questions or require assistance during this process, please feel free to contact us via the community channels.

See guides and resources here:
release notes with a list of all changes.
migration guide with specific examples of how to adapt to each change.
Youtube video with API call examples for each change.


@TomFri Thanks for the reminder. DocuGen is fully on 2023-10.


One more week to deprecation! Action require! :rotating_light:

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Will the 2023-7 version still be accessible after the January 15th cut over to the new default version? Can I still make requests to the old version by specifying the version in the request headers?

Hey @niw,

Welcome to the community!

We will begin a gradual release of new version on January 15th, after which 2023-07 will be no longer supported/accessible. As part of our versioning strategy, we support each version for 6 months from when it becomes the default version.

We encourage developers to migrate as soon as possible to avoid any errors, but please reach out to us if you need additional time to complete the migration.


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