Action's input field doesn't populate from trigger output (Sync future changes)

Use case: We want wo create an item in Monday when action item is created in our platform and sync future changes from our platform to Monday item

Solution: we have created a custom trigger and custom action to achieve this and using GraphQL API to create an item when action is called. We want to sync future changes and therefore we need to “link” our action item id to the Monday’s item id and store this in our DB.

Problem: we are providing actionItemId and actionItem fields as output fields to the trigger’s webhook endpoint but it doesn’t populate actionItemId as an input field in the request to our custom action endpoint.
What might be a reason of this?
Below are screenshots with out configurations

Custom Action item Id field (actionItemId)

Trigger I/O field

Action Input fields

Trigger request

Action payload (actionItemId is missing)

Hey Severyn! Thanks so much for those details, it’s really helpful.

Before we go into the nitty gritty, can you check if you’re using the right version of the app? Versioning can be tricky.

I’ve seen cases where someone changes a recipe in v2.3 but the recipe on their board is from v2.2.

If the issue is not around versioning, can you try deleting the recipe and creating it again? This should clear any issues with the config.

Do let me know if either of those steps help, and we can go from there.

The version is 1.1.0 which is a Draft and there is only single version promoted to live 1.0.0.
can you try deleting the recipe and creating it again? - yeap tried it already couple times

Nevermind. can you try deleting the recipe and creating it again that worked for me. I was trying to delete the recipe created on the board at first but it was about deleting recipe on the integration configuration page

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Hello @Severyn!

I am glad it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

Let us know if you have any other issues or questions!


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