Add a 'Client' dropdown and/or other fields to board level info for Project Management

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Overall the features are great and help our smaller teams manage their work, however after exploring much of the functionality of bi-directional connected boards, board limitations on reporting, and third party integrations, I believe there may be a few key features that would greatly benefit top level project management users juggling hundreds of clients per year, numerous boards/projects, and reporting across all projects (active/on-hold/completed) or even needing to compare project stats to previous years. I am hoping this can be accomplished without relying on third party integrations/apps. Please let me know your thoughts and vote up if this is something you are also looking for for your project management needs!

  • Ability to select a client at the board level from a predetermined drop down list that comes from either a client board or an admin configured list.
  • Ability to assign project roles to individuals added on each board (i.e. project manager, project owner, stakeholders, etc.). Perhaps this can be something that is only displayed or available when a board is created with a particular value when selecting the ‘Board Type’ to prevent affecting all boards types.
  • Ability to easily report across multiple boards that would include the values from the fields mentioned above. Example: Management asking for a breakdown status of all projects by client and respective information about each project.

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I think this is a must! How can we know if this is something that is working on?

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@Mig @cferm I suggest you check out VLOOKUP app that helps connect a repository board and link data like person, role, client information, Contract ID, Rates etc to multiple boards.
Hope this helps.

Hi @Nir-Jetpack, vlookup is a great tool, however the vlookup app works at an item level rather than the board level, so the same board limitations mentioned in the original post would apply if each board is considered a project that needs to be tied to a client. I also worry that the reporting capabilities would be lost if an item on the board is archived in the future (including data generated by the vlookup). Last thing, vlookup is a marketplace tool rather than a native monday app, but thank you for the suggestion though! It gave me something to consider for other use-cases.

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