Add a 'Go to group on main board' when viewing tasks in a filter


On my board I have over 20 different groups of tasks, each with an average of 10 items per group. Often when filtering the tasks I need to work on in a day, I want to be able to see the other tasks in that group, to check progress on that particular project. It would be very useful to have a shortcut to view that group without unfiltering and scrolling through the long list of tasks.


  1. Have a board with 100s of tasks sorted into 10 or more groups. For example, have ‘group 1’ contain 5 tasks and ‘group 2’ contain a different set of 5 tasks.
  2. Have shared statuses for tasks in each group. For example, both ‘group 7’ and ‘group 9’ each have 3 tasks with the status: ‘to do’ and two tasks that have ‘done’.
  3. Create and view a filter for tasks with the status ‘to do’.
  4. Review the tasks that are done for group 9.

You need to close your filter and scroll through all your groups to find that group again, to be able to review what has already been completed.

Feature request:
A shortcut to review all tasks within that group. One way to do this would be adding an option in the group’ drop down that says ‘Go to group in main table’. This way, without changing filters, would bring you to the group you need.

Hi @kevin.delahunt do you know the board views?
With this you are able to save filter setting and switch between then. Maybe this can help.

We ise it quite a lot and it works pretty wel. The only thing is that the views selection is pretty hidden. I hope the monday team will consider adding this functionally Board Views are too hidden, should be better viewable via tabs

Thanks for responding!

Yes I use board views extensively. To use this feature as a work around here I would need to:

  1. Create a status or tag column.
  2. Label each task with the column group.
  3. Create a new filter then save as a view for each column group.
  4. Then when viewing one of my filters, search for and select the new column group view.

This would be a fine workaround when you have only 10 column groups as I originally stated. However, I just counted and I actually have 37! My fault for low balling those numbers in my original request. With that many column groups, makes using views to solve this a bit redundant. I’m going to see if I can edit this.

@Eltjo How many column groups do you use on your board?