Add a image/picture and logo to a forms

We want to raplace Typeform use to Monday Forms.
There is three things that stop us;

  1. Add an image/picture inside the form, as a column option, or in different way.
  2. Rating up to 10 option.
  3. Use our logo on the top of the forms instead logo.

Hi @asaf-bit - Welcome to the community. Regarding your comments:

  1. Can you explain this requirement a bit more? Is the image always the same? Perhaps you could include a link to the image in a field description.

  2. The Stars column currently only goes up to 5, but if you are ok with using a dropdown you could always create a rating Status column configured however you like.

  3. This is possible, you can switch out the monday logo at the top of the form. See . You can only use your account logo, however, which is configured inside Admin > Customization > Branding

Thank you fore your answere!
Abaut 1.; link its not good for us. Yes, the image is always the same, for the relevant form.
For example its could be a image that tell our story company to a new customers, in the end of form “new customer feedback”. Its very importent to us.

Hi again, @asaf-bit - It sounds like what will work best for you is to use an external form solution. That would give you full control over how the form looks and behaves, including being able to include images.

There are some form integration apps available, like Typeform and JotForms.

You may find a prebuilt form integration app easier to set up and maintain, but depending on your needs, an external form using Zapier or Integromat integration to send data into monday .com may be more flexible. With those, you can add lookup tables to populate fields, perform multiple actions off a single form submission, etc.

Hi again, :slight_smile:
Your integration whit Typeform is very poor, there is only two options for automation, this is why we wanted to stop working whit them, and start to make a forms in
But, i understand its not possible to use images inside a form during using

Thank u anyway.

Hi @asaf-bit - Perhaps you could see if EazyForm app developers will add this ability. After reviewing their app, I think it would be feasible for them to add the ability to use images in a form. is where you can contact them and they have a website here: