Add an update to a status column for an item on a board using the API

I want to be able to add an update to a particular item and status column using an API mutation. This is the equivalent of hovering over the status column and adding an update using the ‘fold-over’ in the top right. I cannot find how to do this in the API - can anyone guide me with an example. Thanks. Paul

Hi @Paul_K,

Thanks for reaching out!

At this time, our API does not support creating an update on specific columns. Using the create_update mutation, you can create a new update on the item itself.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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Hi@Paul_K ,
You can try this query to change a column value.

mutation { change_simple_column_value (item_id:9876543210, board_id:1234567890, column_id:“status”, value: “8”) { id } }

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Thanks Rachel, that’s a real shame as I note that we can read it in a query it is a pity the mutation is not in place. It’s an excellent way to flag super important information to a user.

Hi @Paul_K,

I totally understand! I’ve changed the “category” of your post so it gets into the feature request queue and add your vote to it :smiley: