Add column to the right

When you click the column options and select ‘Add column to the right’, why doesn’t the new column appear immediately to the right of the one I’ve clicked, rather than at the end of all the columns? Is this a bug? The board I’m working on has lots of columns, and it’s taking me a lot of time to click and drag them into position.

Is this how it works for everyone else, and is there a way around it?

Hi @KevinOBrien I also answered your question in regards to duplicating boards and column order. It seems like something strange is happening in your environment as this also sounds like a bug for sure. When you add a column to the right it should create the new column directly beside and not send it to the end. I would send a message to to have a look into this as that is not the expected behavior.


Many thanks, Mark. You’ve prompted me to try rebuilding my board from scratch, and that has solved the problem. It seems like I’d introduced some sort of glitch just on that original board.

Now, even though my board has customisations – in the form of clicked and dragged column rearrangements - I can add columns immediately to the right of any other column and duplicate that board exactly as is.

This is a big relief for me, so thanks again!

Great to hear @KevinOBrien - that was certainly strange behavior! If it ever happens again I would absolutely get support involved to make sure there isn’t an underlying issue.