Add detail in Notifications

Notifications are great, but they don’t tell you what changes in an Item. The user has to “hunt” to find out what changed. Notifications would be MUCH more useful if they included items such as “Status changed from X to Y.”


Agree! This is something I am always being requested by my team.

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You can make a notification say whatever you want it to. For example when a status changes notify someone. When you click on the notify part you could type something like: Column “red” has been updated to {pulse.status}, you just click on the blue bubble that is the column your looking to reference In order to get the correct code in there, and when that column changes the notification will say that the column has been updated to whatever the new status says. Not sure if this made sense lol but I hope so!


Adam, thank you for your post. I’m not clear on the “click on the blue bubble.” When I set the Automation up, or when I view the Board? Any clarification would be really appreciated.

Hey David :slight_smile:
You can indeed edit the notifications with information taken directly from the board as @Miltime19 suggests.

He means these bubbles:

You can pick the column in the board and the value will show regarding the item you are notifying about.

Does that make sense?

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Hey Julia,

This is not exactly what we are referring to. Whilst you can select the information you want to notify, it doesn’t tell you what the field was before the change, therefore it’s hard to see what change was made to the row.
I hope that makes sense

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You can click on the activity log within the pulse so you only see what has changed in that pulse. So the alert won’t say what it was but u can always see easily what it was by viewing the individual pulse log. Just curious though, wouldn’t the alerts purpose be to show you the actual change instead of what was previously in there?

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Adam, that is a very good suggestion, thank you! I would still like to see IN the notification, what the change was.