Add email confirmation and estimated timeline to app/pricing form submissions

When submitting the form for creating a new app and when submitting new or updated pricing for an app, the forms just say that they were submitted successfully. There’s no email confirmation and there’s no estimated timeline for when monday will reach out or take action on the request. It would be great if an email confirmation could be added along with a rough timeline for next steps.

For example, app review took much longer than expected (there was no reply for over a week after submission). Pricing updates seem to be taking longer than I expect as well (it’s been over a week with no indication of the status and no emails from monday).

If I knew what the expected timeline was, then it would help tremendously for planning purposes and communicating with my customers. It would also make it so I’m not left wondering if my submission was actually successful.

I’m hoping this is something that should be easy for monday to add, since it looks like the forms are built on the monday platform.


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Hey @PluginGenie,

Thanks so much for your great feedback! I’ve passed this along to the app review team :smiley:



Thanks! I really appreciate it.