Add flexibility for freelancers - Billing options and Permissions

I’m a freelance Production Manager in the UK TV industry. I’ve used for years now, through various email addresses. Each company I work with sets me up with an email address on their system, which I have used previously to set up a account. I usually manage a small team on each project of just under 10 people but has helped us enormously in organising the project efficiently and simplifying the admin.

I have two issues though:

  1. LIMITED BILLING OPTIONS - I bring with me to each company I work at, and I have to most often cover the costs for using a workflow myself as a freelancer. Whenever I try to pass on the cost to my clients, they insist that it’s not something that is needed and would rather I just use Excel. However, I believe in the product, so I pay out of my own pocket for my team on each TV show to use it. When are going to allow a custom package for Freelancers that makes it affordable for individuals who jump from company to company - whether that is TV & Film production or Events Management etc.?

  2. NO FLEXIBILITY WITH PERMISSIONS - My account (which is linked to my personal email), I take from job to job, and create a new Workspace for each production - e.g. The X Factor workspace, Strictly Come Dancing workspace etc. What is difficult though is that I can’t find a way to LIMIT people who I invite from seeing only a specific workspace. I don’t want the people working on The X Factor to be able to see the Strictly Come Dancing workspace. I can only see in the Support pages that it’s a feature for Enterprise accounts - but clearly I’m just a freelancer with a small team, I can’t afford an Enterprise account. PLEASE HELP!


hi @itsjoerack100, Joe

Welcome to the community. As a freelance bid manager I have the same situation. I use in each bid I manage but the team might be different for each bid. Therefore I setup my users (employees of my customer’s company (e.g. sales manager etc)) as guests in my account. Guest won’t see the workspaces, they just see the boards they are invited to. Is that an interim solution?

Hi @basdebruin , thanks for that suggestion. Do you know if Guests on an account can use the account in the same way? Can they add items to boards, change statuses of items, make comments, upload files etc?

hi @itsjoerack100

Yes, Guest user can do all of that. You can also set board permission so Guest users can only edit items where they are mentioned in a People column. BTW: you need to have Shareable boards to invite Guest users. The first time you invite them through email and when they accepted that invitation you can just add them to any Shareable board. And when you have PRO guest users don’t count against your user count :slight_smile:

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