Add Mapping to New Board Automation

When using the recipe “When status changes to something, create a new board and notify someone” is there a way to pull the item name into the newly created boards name? Also, is there a way to add the owner of the item the status changed on as a board member on the new board with automation?

I am using it to create a new project board each time a client onboarding project is assigned to a project manager.

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You can have the new board take the items name by selecting this in the automation mapping:

In regards to subscribing the owner of the item to the board, I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible via an automation.
You would need to manually subscribe them to the board at this point, although you could use the mapping shown above to add the specific owners name to the name of the new board, so that they can easily find their boards and subscribe themselves to it!

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The monday API does provide the ability to add subscribers to a board. So, you could add the item owner using Integromat or a custom app.