Add operators to find items by date or number range in one request

Hey guys,

While the query to get items by several values is great for drop-down lists, it can not really be used with numeric or date columns.

This could change if we could use operators in the query to get items:

  • where a specific number is the 0 to 6 range (ex: detractors for a NPS score)
  • where a specific date is in the last 3 months (or any n hours, days, open days, weeks, months, quarters, .
  • where a specific date is higher than 18 years ago (birthdate)
    I am sure you can find a lot of other examples in your own use cases.
    While I agree we can filter data by code, it would be easier for Integromat or Zapier workflows to have this feature.
    Laurent, web dev @ Synolia, platinum partner

Hi @LaurentConroux!

Thank you so much for submitting this feedback for us to review. I absolutely agree that being able to search a range of number or date values can be really helpful.

As such, I have forwarded this onto our team for consideration. I see that you have posted this in our Feature Requests section for other users to comment and vote on-- that’s great!

With enough user request we can hopefully get this built for you!

Hi @Helen, searching by date range would be really useful, linking related request from the forum Query Column Value by Range